EAPS 487 – Peer educator for Informatics

Being a peer educator turned out to be an unexpected opportunity that taught me many things. After applying to be a peer educator for Informatics (INF) 202 -Introduction to Data and Databases, I was approved and signed up for EAPS 487-Institute in Education. EAPS 487 is a three credit course that helps develop your peer education, teaching and communication skills. During the course, peer educators discussed their experience of trying to understand the students. As well as how they applied their assigned course material to the students’ need. At the end, peer educators conducted teaching style interviews with professors. The information was used to make a presentation on Teaching Style for other peer educators.
    The experience of being a peer educator has taught me various things about myself. I learned that I have a passion for technology and helping other students with their assignment or just assisting them with understanding the material.  In addition, the opportunity has allowed me to develop many useful skills. I learned how to gain the confidence to speak publicly in front of large crowds. I learned how to communicate with diverse groups of students of  all ages, ethnicity, and roots. I socialized and interacted with students inside the classroom and during office hours. I was able to tap into a large group of network of students and professors. Overall, being a peer education was a great opportunity and I would encourage everyone to experience it.
Thank You,
Anthony Bisram