VMWare installation – project for INF423

This blog is about my group project in my INF 423 class with professor Cortesi. My two partners and I decided that we are going to a project on how one of my partners job would benefit from the installation of VMware in their work environment. By the installation of VMware in his work environment his job would benefit greatly. This installation would be more reliable because it doesn’t break down as easily as the machines that are currently there, early 2000s machines. Other pros are that there is required less maintenance; VMware doesn’t collect dust as the other machines do to ultimately leads to dust being eliminated as a risk factor. It is a black box with ports for Ethernet cable, mice, keyboards, monitors, and power supply hooked up to it. We plan on having one VMware software run on all the clients. The cost is in the company’s reach and overall this would be a great asset to the work area, it’s highly beneficial to everyone and most important extremely efficient!

Jason M.