“Pirates of Silicon Valley” movie – watch it!

This blog is about a very interesting movie that my professor told my class to watch voluntarily in INF 424, my professor was Professor Cortesi, great teacher by the way.  The movie is called “Pirates of Silicon Valley”, a movie that was released in 1999, staring Noah Wyle, Anthony Michael Hall and Joey Slotnick. The movie is about Steve Jobs, Noah Wyle, and the development and creation of Apple Inc. as well as Bill Gates, Anthony Michael Hall, development of Microsoft Windows and the rivalry between the two men as well as the creation of the personal computer.  The rivalry lasts many years and there are a ton of interesting encounters that happen between the two men and companies until the unique ending that happens. To know where the two men came from to where they ended up at the end is shocking. This movie is a must watch for Information Science, Information Technology, and Computer Science majors! It’s very interesting; I promise you won’t be boring! If Professor Cortesi ever tells you to read a book or watch a movie my advice is to read or watch it, he will never steer you wrong.

IMAGE: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/3/30/Movieposterposv.jpg/220px-Movieposterposv.jpg

— Jason Mordukhovich



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