Open stack speaker series


This is a blog post about my experience during the open stack presentation which was one of the events that took place during the open source festival. 

Attending the Open stack speaker series was an overall great experience that also taught me some valuable information. I already had an interest in cloud computing and learning that open stack was a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologist intrigued me even more.  They produce open source cloud computing for public and private clouds. So if I wanted to create my own private cloud and charge people to use it I could. Open stack to me is like the Wikipedia of cloud computing anyone can run it, build on it or submit changes back to the project. With the way cloud computing is starting to grow and become the “new internet” open stack could turn into something big, like the internet controlled and made by the people who use it.  

I also learned about which Matt the speaker explained is like the facebook of coding, you can add friends, look at their codes and really learn a lot. Overall coming out to this event from 9-12 was well worth the 3 hour slot, it was beneficial in learning about things like open stack, rack space, dev stack and several other topics we went over. I learned a lot from it and would definitely like to attend one again. 



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