Doing an internship!

Recently I was given the opportunity to participate in a paid internship where my mom has a job. It is at Mohawk Paper Mill in Cohoes, NY. I was pretty stoked when they asked if I wanted to do so. This was my first real world job experience, plus they said it was payed. I have been doing entry level IT work for the company for roughly two months now and I actually enjoy it quite a bit. I am learning a lot of things that are applying to my classes that I am currently taking at UAlbany. The only down side I would really say is that it’s an office job and I’m not that excited of being cooped up in one all day. But my main point I was getting at is that if you ever have an opportunity to do an internship that is related to your major, DO IT. Not only does it get your foot in the door and beef up your resume a bit, it makes you realize if this is really what you want to do in life. Even if the internship doesn’t work out and you are only there for a bit, you learned something. This allows you to make better decisions down the road for your future. I just wanted to spread some inspiration and good vibes to some other students who were hesitant on doing an internship, I can understand that an unpaid internship can be frustrating but it is definitely worth it in the end!  – Mike M.


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