Adam Denenberg speech – 2014 Bunshaft Lecture

After attending the Bunshaft lecture I left with a lot of valuable information given by Adam Denenberg, from the stand point of someone who has become as successful as he has I took a few mental notes of things that stuck with me. Adam spoke about things he did that worked well, one of those things was discovering trends. This was something he did early on that had a great impact on his future. He understood how technology was always evolving and where the industry is going/moving, so essentially keeping up with the times is very important.

Denenberg stressed the importance of creating a routine that implements updating yourself daily by reading the best news and blogs. This can tremendously help you stay on top of new technology. Finding the trends is only the first step, after you find out what’s trending you need to implement it. Use what you discover, install the data base on your laptop, take an hour or two a day to learn the programming language and get your hands on it. Once you have an understanding of where people are focusing you have the upper hand. Knowing trends is like knowing something for conversational purposes, but making use of the trends to further your business is what will make a bigger impact. You have to ask yourself how many people are actually going to implement this, discover the trend then use the trend, because its not enough to just know people are talking about it.

Denenberg also spoke of resumes and how they only take you so far. For example, you can have a list of credentials and activities you did in college but these activities may not take you far in real life. He mentioned saying it is the new resume, and at his job if a potential employee doesn’t have a github link then their resume isn’t read. This is because people want to see what kind of work you’ve done so github and LinkedIn are the new platforms for showing this work by building your profile through finding a small project to work on that shows your skills.

As far as the job market is concerned he stressed how experience can be more important than money. He said to not focus on how much money you’re getting but to put value in the potential experience because it can help you more in the long run. For example if you work for a small company doing various duties like coding, infrastructure work, or design. These experiences can build your skills more so in the long run and you’ll earn more based off of your skill set.

Overall attending this speaker series was very helpful. I got some insight on things companies look for like a and Linkedin profile. I also learned how to format my resume to be more efficient and how important staying on top of trends can be, especially in technology.

 For anyone who didn’t get a chance to attend the video can be viewed at News and Events – College of Computing and Information – University at Albany – SUNY – University at Albany-SUNY on Suny Albany’s website. (


Duane R. 


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