5th ASIS&T Hackathon for Rare Diseases

ASIS&T is once again hosting a Hackathon for Rare Diseases, on Saturday, February 22nd. Here’s a ReCap:
Have you or someone you’ve known been affected by a rare disease? You may know the difficulty in getting information as well as diagnoses; WebMD only goes so far. Well, this is your chance to help remedy the situation—you could help design an app.

Here is your chance to create and implement a prototype of a web-based application to track symptoms and vitals of patients affected by rare diseases. With about 7,000 rare disease known, patients and families affected by these diseases struggle with the paucity of information available to them about their afflictions. On average, it takes 7.5 years to get a correct diagnosis for a rare disease, and 8 doctors. This is a chance to mend the gap and put information in the hands of the people that need it. The application is mostly intended to be used by families of children affected by rare diseases and will keep track of symptoms and their manifestations over time as well as basic changes in the patient over time to do with weight, height, and head circumference.

hackathon def


Image by Clair Topalian {link to http://blog.up.co/2012/11/05/why-startup-weekend-is-not-a-hackathon/}

Project Details:

Initial design notes:
The application is hosted in Github, and is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.
All and everyone interested in learning more about Open Source and how it can support applications that empower patients and their families to address the challenges of rare diseases.
We will be working on a web-based application, for which not only database and web developers are needed, but we will also need participants with sense of design and most importantly willingness to help.
Mentors will include: Kitware developers, SUNY Albany Faculty, SUNY Albany Students, ASIS&T Student Chapter, RPI Students from the Rensselaer Center for Open Source, Skidmore College GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research staff/students.
Ed Fennell Talk on YouTube at RCOS:

This time it will be Saturday, February 22, 2014, 10AM – 5PM, and will be held at Zone 5, 25 Monroe St. #300 Albany, NY.  *There will be Pizza & Coffee*

Please register for this event through link provided below:
For more information, please contact:
ASIS&T Officers: ualbanyasist@gmail.com
Luis Ibanez: libanez@albany.edu
Make a difference in the way patients and their families can access information about rare diseases. This is your chance.

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