Visual Rewards: Discovering an Enjoyable (and Lucrative) Major– Part 3

When I first came to college I was determined I wanted to be an accountant major and nothing else. Turns out I was very wrong. I took a couple classes for accounting and ended up hating it; thought it was extremely boring. After I figured that out I thought I was in trouble because I had no idea what I wanted to do from there. I took a bunch of electives and that included the class IINF100z, Internet and Info access. I loved that class.

Even though it was extremely basic since it is an elective class it gave me enough information to make me want to learn more, and I did. After that spring semester I decided I wanted to be a computer science major and ended up taking two classes in the summer session in the IINF field. The more I learn about computers, programming, networking, databases, and designing, the more it makes me want to get out there and to be able to do that stuff on my own. My decision, though, didn’t just come just from liking Information Science, but also because of the career I can get after school.

compscienceTechnology is the future and computers are everywhere; getting a job after school is going to be a lot easier for someone in my major. With my parents paying for school, I owe it to them and myself to get a good job after school to show them that their money didn’t go waste. I have an internship with SUNY System Administration right now and it has given me a whole new view of my major. It has made me like what I do that much more. From this internship and the classes I took, I know now that I chose the right field after all and would advise any freshman unsure of what they want to do to take a couple electives in the Information Science field.

Image via Brigham Young University, link to {}


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