Visual Rewards: Defending WiFi Users from Overzealous Patents, Part 2

patentThis semester in INF 496 with professor Luis Ibanez, we learned about what patents are and how they work. For a project we had to do research on software patents and then come up with a defensive publication to prevent software patents from be granted. Let me first say a patent is an exclusive right granted to a person for coming up with a new invention. A defensive publication is a technical document that describes idea, methods, and inventions and is a form of explicit prior art. Defensive publications are published by Open Invention Network in a database. These will help protect your freedom to operate. This project made me see just how greedy people are applying for patents that are so broad and are used by people in their everyday life. You would be shocked at what people patented and would think it was impossible to patent something like that. So for my defensive publication I wanted to prevent people from patenting a pop up notification that will tell a user when they are in or out of range of a possible wireless connection. Since it seems mostly everyone uses laptops, computers, tablets or cellphones they shouldn’t have to worry about connecting to a WIFI connection without breaking a patent. This project was not only fun, but also extremely interesting to me because it turns out that our defensive publication are actually going to be sent in to the Open Invention Network to be reviewed.


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