Thoughts from an International Student, Part 2

Studying overseas is a great opportunity to receive new knowledge and an important experience that will be extremely useful in my further life. I hope I will be able to have such an experience in my life. These years of study will certainly help me to see my potential and understand what I want. Besides, I believe that communication with other students, teachers, and getting acquainted with new people in a foreign country, will help me improve my social skills and learn more about people with different cultures and traditions. Interaction with different people with different origins is essential nowadays and it gives each person precious experience. It is quite necessary to have an opportunity to be able to study, to communicate and to learn certain things from people with absolutely various backgrounds. I certainly understand that there may be moments when I can feel completely exhausted and the courses can turn out to be very demanding, but I believe that working hard will help me succeed. Working hard helps to develop a strong will and I am sure this will give me certain benefits in my future career.

different culturesImage via Sweet Trade Photography, link to {}


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