Congratulations Abebe Rorissa!


Dear Colleagues,

Over the years, a number of University at Albany tenured academic faculty members have expressed interest in exploring the possibility of augmenting or broadening their research and scholarly activities with administrative and leadership responsibilities. In an effort to grow leadership capabilities at UA and to respond to these kinds of requests for growth and creative uses of faculty expertise, the Provost’s Fellows Program has been established and is in its second year.

This year, our Provost’s Fellows will include Abebe Rorissa, Associate Professor in the Department of Information Studies, who joins the Provost’s Office as Provost’s Fellow for Digital Resources.  He will be working closely with the Dean of the Libraries and her staff to develop an institutional plan, timeline, policies and procedures for a digital repository.  He will communicate with faculty across the UAlbany campus to explain the value and function of a repository and will work to develop a prototype repository, complete with faculty exemplars and materials.

I hope you will join me in congratulating these colleagues and supporting their new leadership initiatives!


Susan D. Phillips, Ph.D.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Congratulations Abebe Rorissa! To see someone taking on additional responsibility is inspiring, especially when the choice is left to their own level of initiative. We look forward to seeing what together Rorissa and the Dean of Libraries can accomplish — as a team!

Image by the University at Albany {link to}


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