Phonebloks: A future that makes sense

Imagine a world where every time you want to upgrade your phone, you upgrade the piece that’s outdated: instead of sad screenbuying an updated phone and transferring all your apps, getting new cords and searching for a new case, you swap only the pieces you want to update. Or where whenever your screen breaks, you’re given a third choice: 1) replace it, 2) deal with it, or 3) replace the screen.

These ideas make sense, no? And it goes even further – because you’ll be able to customize your phone like you can with a computer. High speed? Faster processor. Don’t have access to electricity? Solar batteries. Want a great camera for Instagram? You can choose your favorite brand – Nikon, Canon, whatever you want. Here, you create a phone for yourself phoneblokthat’s built of bloks that are made to last.

This is Phonebloks, and if you’re interested in what it has to offer, lend your marketing support to this new start-up that’s trying to reinvent the way we think of phones. They’re using Thunderclap, which is a crowd-sharing platform that will release a simultaneous message from all its supporters via facebook, twitter, and tumblr on November 1st, letting supporters tell you what they think of Phoneblok and attract potential partners. So far, this phone of the future does not yet exist – but in another month or so, it easily could.

That is the way of the future, now, to allow users to customize, and with the help of crowd-technology, like with Thunderclap’s crowd-sharing, or even with other platform’s, like Kickstarter’s method of crowd-funding, it’s giving the people what they want. Capitalism is going back to the roots of supply and demand, and the crowd is demanding and supporting projects that offer them what they want, whether it’s for there to be a Veronica Mars movie or a phone that makes sense.

veronica mars


Image 1: Taylor Martin on PhoneDog {link to} via Greg Kumparak on Twitter {link to}

Image 2: Techie Tony on The Fluffy Heads {link to}

Image 3: Laura Hudson via Warner Bros {link to}


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