INF 496: This Spring’s Fun and Exciting Special Topics Courses in Informatics!

Are you as excited about taking Informatics courses this Spring as I am? I sure hope so, because the choices are amazing! Just take a look and see what I’m talking about!

Class #7808: Information Security and Assurance

  • Learn about Cyber-security
  • Recognize vulnerabilities in computer networkscyber security
  • Use techniques for defense in digital systems –

 o Cryptography      o Forensics

Class #8881: Programming for Informatics

  • Program computers in an informatics environment
  • Programming fundamentals are taught as a basis but the class also teaches interface design, security, networking, use of databases, & mobile & other non-traditional computing platforms

Class #9972: Introduction to Networks and Systems

  • Learn the fundamentals emphasizing network protocols & their operations at different layers
  • Understand the internal system components of personal computers – see things from a computer architecture perspective

* Can be subbed for INF 423 or 424! Cannot be taken if you have already taken either course*

Class #9973: Digital Project Management

  • Focus on digital projects & their management – concept, tools & techniques
  • From concept to completion: learn about roles, responsibilities, team structure, documentation, different phases, methodologies, & digital analytics

Class #9974: Human-Computer Interactive Design

  • Examine the human factors in computer interaction
  • How does the designer choose domains, evaluate the program, develop effective interfaces, make it accessible, & use emerging technologies?
  • Get hands on experience with rapid prototyping and visual design
  • Explore user interface software architecture & formal methods in HCIcomputer constellation

Class #9975: Physical Computing

  • In a hands-on lab setting, students will use programmable microcontrollers & digital chips that are used in robotic projects
  • Develop electronic circuits for controlling hardware components, like sensors
  • Study electronic fundamentals, analog/digital devices, pulse-width modulation & embedded programming

* Can be subbed for INF 424! Cannot be taken by students who have taken Programmable Microcontrollers*

Class #9976: Cloud Computing

  • What is cloud computing? How did it evolve?
  • Learn what cloud computing is exactly and how it evolvedcloud computer
  • Understand how it changes the way applications are written and what this means for the future of business and individual consumption
  • Learn how you can prepare for software development in the cloud, the future of computer development

Class #9983: Research Methods for Informatics

  • Each student will critically evaluate and engage in research
  • Learn to identify & articulate research problems, pose questions, use data collection strategies, analyze quantitative & qualitatively, & interpret analysis results

Class #10153: Current Topics in Social Mediasocial media virtuoso

  • Explore current topics & trends in social media
  • Investigate & evaluate multiple social media outlets
  • Write across social media platforms & learn about their management

See? I told you it was exciting! Now, I just have to choose which courses to take…where is a time turner when you need one?hermoine time turnerImage 1: by IT-LEX Technology Law {link to}

Image 2: by Intel Software {link to}

Image 3: by Lee Simmons on Bizmology {link to}

Image 4: by bit Purple {link to}

Image 5: by Renegade Entrepreneur Team via WarnerBros {link to}


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