More MOOC!


Image by Tom Mackey {link to}

Trudi Jacobson, a distinguished librarian for UAlbany at the University Library would like to invite you to learn more about and participate in the Metaliteracy MOOC ( She is collaborating with Tom Mackey and Carol Yaeger of Empire State College, with Tor Loney and Jenna Hecker. The Provost mentioned it is UAlbany’s first MOOC during her comments at the Faculty Retreat. At this point, more than 300 people have registered for it. This is a connectivist MOOC: there is a great deal of participant interaction planned.

At noon Monday October 28, Rex Smith, editor of the Times Union, and John Delano, Distinguished Teaching Professor, will be discussing media and new literacy in the main room in ITLAL (if you need directions, let me know). If you come to the Standish Room at noon on the 30th, there may well be a different MOOC-related event occurring—keep an eye on your email. Other MOOC Talks, conducted through Collaborate, will feature Char Booth, Sue Thomas, Bryan Alexander, and R. Brian Stone (who gave an utterly fascinating talk at LOEX a couple of years ago). The Talks can be viewed real time, but all will be recorded and available on the MOOC’s site. The schedule is here:

If you have any questions about the MOOC, direct them to Trudi Jacobson via phone or email —



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