Massively Amazing and Free Opportunity — Metaliteracy MOOC

Meta – to go beyond. Literacy – to be able to read and write.

Thus, metaliteracy is to go beyond just reading and writing and delving deeper into information itself.

If this intrigues you, read further – based on the metaliteracy framework developed by Tom Mackey from the Center of Distance Learning at Empire State College and Trudi E. Jacobson from the University Libraries at UAlbany, they’re introducing a new metaliteracy model. It’s a reinvention of information literacy designed for open learning and social media environments. And the class is free and completely open – a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

The course will feature live webinars presented by scholars from around the world focusing on topics such as metacognition, open learning, visual literacy, media and news literacy, scientific literacy, transliteracy, global information literacies, digital storytelling, and STEMx. Kicking off next Wednesday (September 4th) at noon, it will start off in person in the Standish Room in the Science Library. And at noon on Wednesday, October 30, Rex Smith, editor of the Times Union, and John Delano, Distinguished Teaching Professor, will be discussing news and science literacy, also in the Standish Room. You are welcome to attend these in person.

Online, you can set your own schedule – the talks can be viewed in real time, but all will be recorded and available on the MOOC’s site.

For the schedule, go to:

In addition to being an entirely free format that is open to participants worldwide, Metaliteracy MOOC will connect courses for credit at the University at Albany with undergraduate and graduate independent studies at Empire State College.

Register now at or email Trudi Jacobson at with any of your questions.Metaliteracy


Image by Tom Mackey {link to}


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