ASIS&T Webinar: Getting Published in the Professional World

publishingOn September 4th from 11:30am-12:30pm ASIS&T will be holding a webinar for both members and non-members alike over a very pertinent topic to those in research; how do you get worthy paper’s published? So often there are great papers that never go beyond the editor’s desk – why is this? And how do you, as a writer, fix it?

ASIS&T Special Interest Group for International Information Issues (SIG III) has conducted over a dozen annual international paper contests where winning papers are published in the International Information and Library Review. To give authors an insider perspective of this unseen process on the road to publication, three distinguished speakers who are all current or past editors or members of editorial boards will address this topic. Their goal will be to answer five broad questions.

1. How do you identify prestigious journals and conferences?

2. What fundamental characteristics of manuscripts and their contents would enhance the chance of their being accepted and, eventually, published? In other words, what are the characteristics of an ideal manuscript?

3. What problems and pitfalls should authors avoid in getting their manuscripts ready for submission to scholarly journals and publications? That is, what makes a manuscript likely to be rejected by editors in the first or subsequent rounds of climbing_paper_medreview and evaluation?

4. Mentors and advisors often talk about finding a scholarly journal and/or publication that is a good fit for a manuscript and its contents. What does that mean and how can one tell?

5. What additional advice would you give specifically for scholars and authors from developing countries, including, but not limited to, those for whom English is not their native language?

The speakers will also respond to participants’ specific questions as well. To submit your questions for the speakers (by August 30, 2013), please visit:

To get additional information about the speakers or to reserve your seat, go to:


Image 1 by Nadine Muller {link to}

Image 2 by Flora Ballantyne on her blog {link to}


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