Welcome Associate Dean George Berg!

George BergStarting September 1st, the College of Computing and Information will have a new Associate Dean of the College and Chair of the Department of Informatics: we now welcome Professor George Berg of the Department of Computer Science.

Professor Berg’s responsibilities as Associate Dean will encompass a number of key areas, including curriculum development, diversity, campus outreach, and the College’s Student Center. As the Chair of the Department of Informatics Berg will oversee the department’s growing set of programs and help to shape its future.

George Berg formerly led as the Chair for the Department of Computer Science, for which he is also a faculty member. His former leadership benefited the college immensely and demonstrated his ability to handle a future job such as this one. Those who have worked with him know his passion for quality and research as well as his own personal investment in helping develop new courses and ways of engaging students. We now welcome Professor Berg in his new role and look forward to seeing what he will do for the College of Computing and Information.

Should you ever wish to access Associate Dean Berg, he has offices in Draper 113 as well as a faculty office in LI-96J. Feel free to stop by and say hello!


Image by the University at Albany {link to http://www.albany.edu/news/experts/22214.php}


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