Ghost Symantecs and Ubuntu: Interning at SUNY

ubuntu-phone-in-hand1Fixing and maintaining computers as an IT tech support is what I would like to do after I graduate from SUNY Albany. My Internship at the Office of Academic Support Services that I did for credit this summer, gave me a glance of what that would be like. While interning, Atish Sharma and Dennis Karius basically guided me through the Internship, mentored me and taught me about IT tech support.

At my Internship, I had to fix/service the printers we had, maintain and secure all the computers, as well as help any students out with computer issues they may have had. I get a level of satisfaction when I’m able to fix a computer: that’s how I knew I would enjoy this Internship. Atish taught me that if there’s any problem I couldn’t fix, I could rely on the internet first before using any programs or bringing it to the IT department to resolve the issue. Most times the issue could have been resolved just from doing a little research on the problem itself.

I have always been good with computers but this internship taught me about new programs as well. Early in the internship, I was introduced to a program called Ghost Symantec, which is a program that copies a clean operating system, Windows7 in this case, onto any computer that needs their operating system reinstalled. There are 27 computers in the EOP computer lab, so you could only imagine how long it would take to install Windows7 to each computer by hand. That’s where Ghost Symantec comes in handy because the program enables you to send out multiple copies of the operating system at once, saving a bunch of time. There was also an operating system called Ubuntu that I became familiar with from this internship as well. Ubuntu is similar to Windows; the biggest difference is that Ubuntu is free, which is a big plus. I’m a Microsoft person but Ubuntu has a clean look that is very simple to use which is what I like about it.ghost symantec

All in all, my internship experience went really well and I’m glad I got the opportunity to learn what I did. Now I feel I can utilize those skills for any future internship or job that may come thanks to this internship.

Kareem Morris, Information Science


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