Open Source Festival 2013 Reflection

Open Source Festival

The Open Source Festival was interesting.  Seeing I take INF 362 and INF 499 I was in there for a bulk of the afternoon because I had to attend six sections.  I arrived at 12:20 pm and stayed until about 4:00 pm for networking and breaks.  Open source is the free license in which programs and data can be re-used and re-distributed.  Open source essentially is making data open and available to everyone everywhere.  This industry is so popular universal that companies that begin to use open source began to become million dollar companies after the investment.  Open source whether fully understood or not is a new and important topic in the world of computing. bart - open source

The first section I attended was Kishor Bagul and his Open Source for NY State government. I came a little bit late so I was in the middle of his presentation.  I concluded from what he was saying that New York State would thrive off of open source technology.  The technology would reduce costs and definitely cut time for development cycles and it will link collaborations when needed.  The issue is that NY is a private sector so the open source technology would conflict with this.  I don’t know all of the information because I was a little late but this is what I grasped from his presentation

Following the first section I stayed for Lilian Shafer’s presentation on copyright, licensing and open source.  I learned from her display that even though to me open source sounds like material is being stolen, the correct license can make it legal to be redistributed.  I didn’t fully understand this at first but I’m catching on to it.  Pretty much, open data and programs are being shared on open networks allowing multiple people to use it without having to purchase it.  Through this process the companies involved are still making profit off of customers still and open source is becoming very popular.

The next section I attended was Open Science and Reproductible Republic with Bill Hoffman.  In this presentation the CTO of Kitware spoke about the importance of open source in today’s society.  The most interesting theme I took from his presentation was that software is now replacing mathematics as the modern language of science and the supporting information he used to back that up.  Following this section was the most interesting section I attended the entire night was with Kristine, Zoonash, and Luis who are all in our class.  I found it the most interesting because it was directly related to Technologieswhat we discussed in class and how the class could be improved.  The debates between Luis, Kirstine, Zoonash and Dima were intense and it was good to see both sides respected and admired as they debated.  Lastly the last section I attended was with Seth Chaiken who spoke about the Linux Source as an OS Textbook which seemed more so geared towards problems in a specific textbook a course offered which was cool.  I also stayed during the break and network period and spoke to a couple of IT experts from different colleges and who owned different companies and listened to them explained their difficulties and journey’s dealing with IT classes and encounters at work.

Michael Mitchell


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