MY Internship at the NYS Information Technology Services

Full-time position at NYS Information Technology Services and NYS Department of Taxation and Finance.

Having always worked full-time during my college career I requested that I use my previous and current employer for credit in completing of my Internship Class. I cannot express how great it is to work for these two state agencies, from the moment I walk into the office until it is time to leave I am constantly pushing projects in the direction of completion! The positions that I have held were nothing less than careers, during my NYS ITS career I worked in the Network Operation Center (NOC) as a tier II technician diagnosing and troubleshooting T1, fiber, cable, frame relay and asynchronous transfer mode circuits for various state agencies and government offices.Cisco-TroubleshootingSTP

The information gained at this position taught me critical troubleshooting techniques when it came to CISCO and Juniper equipment, my management including floor leads were monumental in my shaping into a keen technician and young professional. During my stay at this agency I was able to network and learn new things about the inter-workings of its Core as well as where the agency is headed years to come. The knowledge gained in this position soon after moved me into a position at the Department of Taxation and Finance under the ITS umbrella as a Call Center Support Administrator. Under the direct supervision of a tiered management, myself included in a group are charged with supporting the Tax Call Centers facing the general public with upmost diligence and in most cases proactively. Recently the group I belong to has been merged under the ITS umbrella and has been charged with aiding and facilitating additional call center consolidations.

Recently Governor Cuomo announced that the newly transformed NYS Information Technology Services will house and handle all of the State-wide IT needs. Headed by Taxes’ own Brian Digman, Brian has shown great aptitude in facilitating governor Cuomo’s initiative and its intended cluster agencies. My work for the Tax Department although infant has been everything but dull, I am able to work with groups that I always wished I could. While residing in the Voice/Call Center Support group I am working on specialty projects that need group console with the VMware group, Network Security group as well as the Active Directory group! Working with these groups on projects has been an honor and a privilege because having worked in these types of groups during my private sector career I am able to hone, sharpen as well as expand my own knowledge base to information that was not previously reached by me. My employment at the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance has been a fantastic experience and I am proud to call it my career employer.

Eric S. Alkurabi


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