Undergraduate Internship at SAGE Computer Associates.

My internship at SAGE has been a very great experience all along. I have learned incredibly valuable information which I will use for the rest of my career and life. Working for a MSP really gives you experience in everything that you could be confronted with as an IT professional and the people at SAGE were always there to help me in a pinch.

I came into SAGE in December 2012, a kid who had worked in a bike shop for all my life. I had a small background in computer networking at home and some education through both Hudson Valley Community College and of course UAlbany. Dan, my service manager, met me at the bike shop and expressed interest in allowing me to use my degree. He stated, “We don’t normally take interns at SAGE, but I may be able to convince the owners of something.” Thanks to Dan I was brought in as an Intern / Bench Technician.

As the internship began to roll is was quickly apparent to me how little I knew compared to what I thought I knew. Being a guy who grew up with a computer of some sort since a young age, I felt pretty confident in my service skills. The business world is a whole different beast. I started out by making full network diagrams of all of our clients using the Microsoft Visio tool. Slowly I began to go out on site with one of the available engineers and learn the trade. This was not just plugging in a router and changing a few settings. SAGE gives Desktop support, network support, server support, email hosting, and the list goes on and on. Any need a small to medium business may have, we handle it.

After being included on some major projects once I had my bearings, I started to learn very quickly. Customer service is the most important aspect to this, as long as the clients happy, your boss is happy. I was able to assist the lead positions in three different large scale projects and even started to take service calls and go out on site on my own.

My time as an intern at SAGE is something that I will always value. I was not confident in leaving my old job at first, I had been there for eight years and was good friends with the owner. Taking that first step towards change took a little courage, but it has evolved into one of the best decisions of my life. The clients must be happy, because I start as a full time systems engineer next week.


Mike Konderwich

Informatics Major, Computer Science Minor

Graduating 5/2013


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