Internship at Burstmarketing

Social Media Logotype BackgroundFor someone trying to understand the Web and how to build webpages, UAlbany students need to turn to their own devices and search the surrounding Capital Region for help, guidance, and knowledge. A great way to learn is to just create your own webpage, and then create a better webpage, and then another and so on. This will work, but the web is not an easy-give-me place and can become very confusing quickly. This leaves people a drift and disappointed (and usually slightly poorer). I was one of those people – I wanted to break into the webpage/webapp-making business, but was overwhelmed. Facebook Privacy

As tough as the Web can be, in my experience the community of designers and developers – the people who maintain and add to the web – is one of the greatest communities ever. With constant forgiveness and understanding, these people can help you succeed in an overpowering, overwhelming environment like the Web. Now – here comes the whole point of this post – these people don’t know about you and they’re not going out of their way to find you. You, as an up-and-coming Web guru, have to make the physical contacts with these people – the people who can help you understand the Web and point you in the direction of available jobs (or internships).
The easiest way to do this? Local meetups of tech types like BuildGuild ( or Saratoga Tech Out ( Get on the Twitters and get familiar with local Web/Tech companies, find out where their twitterdevelopers/designers are, contact them – and I will guarantee any one (I guarantee 85% of this guarantee is true) of them willhelp you break into the Web scene and put you on a path to becoming a Web Designer/Developer. They might not have a job perfect for you, but they’ll put you a path to get one.
Nicholas Smith
Fall 2013
Information Science/Music
Developer at Burstmarketing
Image 1 by Institute of Social, Search, and Mobile Marketing {link to}

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