What I Learned As An IT Intern

During the semester I have worked at St. Peter’s Hospital in the IT department. More specifically, I was in the Client Tech Support division of the department. My day-to-day activities could include any range of things from something as simple as dropping off a new monitor all the way up to more complex things like deploying over 90 46” monitors around the entire hospital that could be remotely controlled from a central hub somewhere else in the hospital. It was a great experience and a truly learned a lot.

What I learned that was more valuable than any of the technical knowledge was confidence. I could feel myself being more comfortable as the experience went along. This is my first time in a situation like this so I was understandably nervous. In the beginning I often second guessed myself which hampered my ability to work quickly and effectively. By the end of the experience I was able to better compose myself to deal with a problem. I trusted my abilities and began to think on the fly with ease. If I couldn’t figure out a problem right away I knew I could think about it for a few seconds and come to a logical solution.

I also came away with a better sense of what direction I want to take for a career path going forward. I was able to really learn what everyone’s role is in a large IT department and how I would go about following that type of career. Many of the workers there had experience with getting different certifications and what that entails. This is something I really didn’t know much about. Now I have a
clear idea of what types of certifications I need to become a network administrator.

The things I learned during this experience are invaluable. I am more confident in my ability and my career choice going forward. I am really glad to have had this opportunity.

Kevin Boyle
Information Science
Spring 2013


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