My Internship at NYSERDA

Posted by Seewongchai,
My internship with NYSERDA has been quite a fulfilling experience. In comparison with any school work I have done, this internship has given me a more hands-on feel to work in a business environment. Many deadlines were to bet met, many of which consisted of configuring, troubleshooting and deploying PCs to employees. These employees are on a time constraint, as we all should be.
In the beginning, I started off as doing simple PC imaging and performing Adobe/Java Updates via Remote Assistance. As the months went by, my boss and senior IT administrators decided to give me primary coverage of the Help Desk. This coverage consisted of “taking” many of the tickets that come in the Help Desk system and being in control of the Help Desk cell phone. Any time a call would come in from the Help Desk cell phone, I would have to respond immediately due to its urgency. I’ll admit that about 4/10 times, these calls were not urgent, but rather, people believed there were serious on-going issues when the issues would be a simple fix. Other than that, many of these calls pertained to directors, managers or senior managers that needed something done as soon as possible.
The ticket system consisted of taking care of simple requests or issues. Many times, I would choose to do a face-to-face meeting when solving the issue, that way the user gets to know who I am and gets to feel more comfortable when I’m taking care of their computer. Our bosses want to see a decrease in the number of tickets issued. It also matters to them on how fast tickets get solved, especially if the tickets pertain to a director.
When everyone decided to give me primary coverage of the Help Desk, it made me as if I were really a part of the company. It also meant that I would be entitled to more responsibilities and have to be more focused than ever. I was able to retain the knowledge taught by my senior IT administrators and apply it to what I do with computers on campus with UAlbany’s ITS Help Desk. I definitely consider this internship a great learning experience both on the technical and business aspects.
I was able to share what I learned at NYSERDA and what I learned at UAlbany as well with younger students who came to the CCI Showcase. I told the freshmen, sophomores and juniors about on-campus recruiting, career services, and how to utilize all the services provided by our department when applying for internships or jobs. I only hope that these students follow-through with what I said because it would be a rewarding experience for them and it would prepare them for their senior year when they begin applying for jobs.
If there’s one thing I would conclude with, it would be: utilize career services, refine your resume, apply for internships in your junior year, sell yourself during the interviews, and nail the interviews in your senior year.
Also, I’d like to thank all of my professors in the CCI department for helping me and advising me when I needed it and to my supervisors at both NYSERDA and the ITS Help Desk on campus, thank you for the opportunities you provided.
-Tony W. Seewongchai
Senior, May 2013
B.A. in Information Science
NYSERDA and UAlbany’s ITS Help Desk

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