My Internship as the IT Coordinator

During my two years as the IT Coordinator for the Office of Student Success I have learned a tremendous amount.  Working for the Vice President and all the other wonderful staff has really made my time here at UAlbany a great learning experience.  My responsibilities as the IT Coordinator included: Web Maintenance, General IT Support, and Graphic Design.  I have been involved in a variety of different marketing campaigns, including the design of the “Where’s Your Purple!?” t-shirts.  It is truly amazing walking around campus and seeing my work almost every day.

During my job I have learned a lot about what it means to be a professional.  I learned how it is appropriate to dress, and most importantly how crucial it is to be on time.  I tried to make myself available whenever I was needed, even if it meant not during normal business hours.  The office was extremely kind to me, I could not ask for better people to work with.  I have an extensive portfolio to bring with me now due to all the work I’ve done for UAlbany.

I would like to thank Mr. John Murphy for giving me the opportunity in the first place when I was only a freshman.  Having a job on campus really turned my college experience around.  Thanks to Vice President Christine Bouchard for always having my back.  She has supported me throughout my time here not only as an employee but as a friend.  Thank you to Cynthia Riggi and Mike Christakis for stealing me away from the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership, although I loved my job there, they kept to their word when they promised that life would be better in University Hall 206.

I will most definitely remain in contact with all my colleagues at Student Success as continue on to graduate school.

Thanks again to everyone

Adam Lowenthal
Information Science BA, ’13


2 thoughts on “My Internship as the IT Coordinator

  1. Adam,
    On behalf of UAlbany ASIS&T Open Source Festival 2013 (& 2012), thanks again for deigning the flyers for both events. Excellent work. Good luck and keep in touch…:)
    Catherine, Chair UAlbany ASIS&T student chapter

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