Technology-Related Apps

Technology-Related Apps

  1. Popsci’s news-reader app delivers all the content from in an easy-to-read format on the go. Their articles are relatively short and on points, it is nice when you just want to read something quick.

  1. Popular Science

Includes articles and news from various sources about the technology, and medicine, space and archeology, business, art and other interesting topics. Science news updates every day. The application provides the articles in technology, science, space, health, animal, and history.

  1. Currently Tech News

Currently Tech News scans popular social networks to identify trending technology news from your favorite tech blogs. It updates a chart every 15 minutes, and only sends you a notification when it thinks a headline is hot.

  1. Tech News

If you want to stay up to date with what happens in the world of Technology, Hardware, smartphones, newest games and apps, updates and reviews, latest geek stories and use as little time as possible, then this app is what you need!

  1. Hacking Tech

Online Ethical hacking Tutorials for free with the detailed screenshots for clearing the fundamental concepts of hacking and hacking world, do visit this site if you are interested in ethical hacking.

  1. Itechwik

It’s a new and easy way to discover the latest news (“what’s happening”) related to Tech World.

  1. Ino TechNews Tech News

Most people simply browse through news headlines. We put special emphasis on this news reading habit by providing 3 line headline, which covers most headlines.Unlike other apps, they don’t overlay headline on image.

I don’t use every single of these application everyday but I randomly open few of them to check on the news and learn the latest information.

Today, most of students own a smart phone. What do you do on your phone most of the time? I have a smart phone and I enjoy reading something interesting at my spare time. Therefore, I have a couple of applications I use to look for new technology and trend. I would like to share them here and hopefully you will find it useful at your free time.

Tracy Hwang, 2013, Business Administration, Undergraduate Student


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