Al Bunshaft Presentation/ INF 423

Today in my section of IINF 423 we had a speaker come in at the end of class. That speaker was Al Bunshaft. After his presentation I felt much more confident about possibly finding a job or having different opportunities made available to me due to that fact that I have some IT, computer science, advance networking background. Mr. Bunshaft was able to connect his everyday job to the topics we were discussing in class. For example our class has a lab due this week that involves conducting a weighted decision matrix. Once the presentation started he immediately told us that he conducts hundreds of those matrixes a month. It was extremely interesting to hear that with his background in computer science he creates models for companies such as Ford, BMW and Porsche. After listening to his presentation I feel much more comfortable that I decided to be apart of the field of computer science and information and am confident that with the skills I have learned in this field, I will be a much more marketable candidate. 

Margo Kornspan 
B.S. Financial Market Regulation

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