Big Data

This blog entry stems from a course assignment in INF 202 Introduction to Data and Databases. My topic is Big Data. Big data has been seen as an overwhelming and at times complex collection of data. Its immensity has lead to many being discouraged from using it to their advantage but when processed properly it can become a huge benefit and leverage to competition.

Businesses such as have used big data to improve their business by analyzing and absorbing important information from data from 12 million monthly website visits that lead to improvements in business management and operation. This then leads to enhancing visitor and customer satisfaction and demand. uses a system called Splunk that uses it???s patented ???machine data web??? to collect and analyze large amounts of data in real time. Splunk includes prebuilt reports to identify illegal scraping and bot traffic as that is unrelated to legitimate visitor traffic. The benefits of Splunk allows the company to efficiently receive real time data collection, solve problems, and analyze application logs, application servers,  and much more.

The State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo is where one of the leading multiple sclerosis (MS) research centers in the world is located. The university uses big-data-powered analysis to assist its researchers in identifying potential causes and treatments of the disease. The researchers used a technique developed there called Ambience that enabled them to efficiently search for the interaction of multiple genetic variations and environmental factors that raise the risk of patients contracting multiple sclerosis. The analysis was extremely demanding computationally and time consuming with the research totaling more than 250TB. To solve this inconvenience, the researchers created an analytic framework that combined the IBM Netezza and Revolution Analytic???s R Enterprise. While Netezza multiplied the processing capacity and sped up analysis time, Revolution Analytics permitted researchers to manipulate the variables from the model with ease. This makes algorithms able to be changed without having to write hundreds of lines of code and makes possible the utilization of a variety of data sets by the researchers.

I believe that if Big Data is used correctly and efficiently it can become a tremendous asset to a company or organization. The knowledge received from it can become a complete game changer in business management, in business competition and success, and in advancements in everyday issues with technology and information collection.

Brittney Henning, Class of 2014, Information Science Major


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