Thoughts On Sony Playstation Network Hack

      This blog entry stems from a course assignment in INF 202 Introduction to Data and Databases. My topic focuses on the hack on the Playstation network that has effected millions of people.


      On April 17, Sony has faced a major hack that has effected about 77 million people worldwide. It was found that an unauthorized person hacked the playstation network which led to release of account information. The account contains personal information, including names, emails, passwords, and even credit card numbers. It was surprising by people including Senator Richard Blumenthal, that Sony didn’t report this issue earlier, so customers can be aware of their billing statements.

     This is a major concern amongst any company that uses big database systems. There have been several reports on people hacking into different company’s software to obtain personal information. For example in the article it mentions companies like Epsilon and AT&T that also have been effected by hackers. I feel that companies should develop stronger software, that can deny any tampering into the systems. These hackers need to be put to a stop, because they are taking the identities of other people and stealing  thousands if not millions of dollars.

Bryan Molinares




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