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This blog entry stems from a course assignment in INF 202 Introduction to Data and Databases. My topic is about the U.S government’s new push to create a vast database of knowledge that will hopefully help find terrorists before they strike.

 In March top officials met to discuss the topic of making a vast database that would catalogue millions of records of its citizens whether they had committed a crime or not.  This type of database has been tried before with a much broader scope but was shot down. Now it seems that with this smaller scope that National Counterterrorism Center will make this proposed database a reality. The NCTC will be able to take data from any government agency and other records including flight records, casino-employee lists, the names of Americans hosting foreign-exchange students and many others. This new change will also allow the NCTC to swap records with other foreign countries.

This new change to domestic and foreign policy is significant in the fight against terrorism.  The database that the NCTC will use will hopefully allow law enforcement agencies to act upon connections that the prior systems did not create.  When you are fighting against those that have no fear the most radical of tools must be used.  The old systems have failed us before, now with a more interconnected system of a database law enforcement should reach the evil doers before they strike.

While there are those that argue that this new system Is a violation of our privacy I suggest that privacy is a modern notion.  When humans lived in small settlements those inside the settlement knew everything about each other.  It is only with the modern invention of homes and cars that privacy has ever been a thought within the human mind. With the invention of the internet society as a whole is coming together.  Not in our lifetime but hopefully soon mankind will stop being an society of individuals and become one being in which we all work towards the greater good of bettering ourselves.  Those that wish to do harm to innocents must be removed before society can move forward.

Robert Brush Information technology 2014


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