Community Commentary On Databases

This blog entry stems from a course assignment in INF 202 Introduction to Data and Databases. My topic is “Introduction to the SQl Server Data Profiler Task – Part 1.” The following is a link provided for the article. The reason I chose this article is because I like to make things simpler. Data profiling can help you organize your data in a more efficient matter. This article concentrates on a new technique called “SSIS Data profiling task” that helps you with data profiling. 

 It is used to analyze data patterns that are in a SQL Server. All this profiling is done before it is recorded into a main database. By doing so it can be ciphered more so that useless data is discarded earlier and easier. It helps when you are retrieving data that is just coming in if it doesn’t meet the requirements of the database it can be erased quickly. Within this system the Data Profile task looks at data from different profiles and can establish relationships between them. One set back is that it cannot profile data from third parties. Despite this using it with your SQL Server data can really help profile important data.
This subject is important because proper data management is imperative to a companies database success. This Data Profiling Task allows you to manage the information/data that is coming in before it is input into the database. This is very helpful because you do not want irrelevant data making it in there in the first place. Analyzing it at first gives you the chance to make sure it meets proper requirements and quality levels of the database. It basically helps make your database be as up to date as possible and the most efficient. 
I feel this kind of thing can help in everyday life as well. I know that when I receive alot of information the best way to handle it is by profiling it. A way to distinct what is useful would be a great help. A data profile management system would help organize the useful information and then only have it available for use. This gets rid of all the useless information that comes in before it integrates in somewhere and becomes harder to find. The data profiling task takes the data as it comes in which makes perfect sense. It makes me think about life and how all kinds of information and data is thrown at us. Its our job to organize, profile, and decode it all. Taking it at the beginning and profiling it and making it useful would help save time and effort. 

Thomas Wiebelt
Information Science/Business Administration
Kay Jewelers / Valet

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