My internship at ACS, A Xerox Company

This Fall semester of 2012, I have been working as Technical Analyst for a company located on the Wolf road at Albany. Affiliated Computer Services or ACS became a part of, much larger, Xerox Company 2 years ago. ACS provides information technology services as well as business process outsourcing solutions to businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Offices in Albany provide solutions for New York State Child Support. My main job was to analyze and prepare all necessary data so other departments can use it and do their tasks. Between those daily tasks I have been assisting users from other departments with any issues they have, repairing broken PC and building brand new ones as well.

The largest project I was working on was setting up the new training room for people that need to be trained prior working in call center department. Basically I had to move certain amount of computers to the new training room and set them up. Additionally, I enabled internet and phone ports in server room that weren’t previously working and then I hooked up all computers to the network along with internet phones.

Overall, I learned and I am still learning a lot and the good thing is that I am not learning stuff just related to the IT but also other things inside the company from the people that are surrounding me every day especially from my boss who is very experienced person with a lot of knowledge in IT and Business industry. I am also planning on staying to work for ACS, A Xerox Company.

Vojislav Petkovic,

Senior in Information Science,

Technical Analyst for ACS, A Xerox Company

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