My Internship at OTDA

This past fall I was an intern at the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance in its Division of Information Technology.  With in the division of information of technology at OTDA I worked along side the members of the Quality Management Center. Basically what this part of OTDA does is manage the applications used for all public assistance programs in New York State, which include Child Support, Food Stamps, Social Security benefits and more to name a few of them. 
The very first week at OTDA I was introduced to the two main tools that the Quality Management Center (QMC) uses to thoroughly test each application before it goes out to the New York general public. These two programs, QTP and QC, help manage and carry out the various types of testing used to make sure it is working well. During my time with ODTA I worked on two projects, one of which had  released to the public right away once done which I found to be awesome. The amount of thought and work to make sure every single detail is correct in the application before being released I found to be very interesting. Each type of test we used covered every possible flaw that could happen when being used by the real users. 
Being an intern in this department not only helped me understand the steps taken to test and release programs but it gave me real world experience in an office environment. I attended several meetings, had to work with many people to accomplish a common goal and even got to network. Although the office environment is assumed to be very dull, I found it to be a friendly upbeat place that at times can be tense but also a lot of fun.

Ryan Wood. UAlbany Junior in Computer Science & Applied Mathematics. Intern at OTDA.


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