My Internship at Buffalo Computer Graphics

Over the course of this semester I was fortunate enough to have been accepted into an internship with Buffalo Computer Graphics Inc. or BCG for short. BCG is a premier vendor of disaster management solutions. BCG has many clients around the world but I worked most closely with the New York State Office of Emergency Management or NYSOEM for short. BCG’s primary disaster management suite is called DisasterLAN or DLAN for short. DLAN is a constant target of development efforts as clients often request additional features or bug fixes. As an intern for BCG I was tasked with testing the code changes that BCG’s developers had implemented on DLAN. Each bug fix or enhancement is well documented in BCG’s bug tracker system. Issues are entered into the system as tickets that I would then review and test on the appropriate area of DLAN. After the unfortunate events of Hurricane Sandy NYSOEM began a concerted effort to assist those effected by the storm. As an intern at BCG I was required to support the various federal, state, and local agencies that assist the state in managing the recovery operation. Overall I found this internship to fulfill and perhaps exceed my learning expectations. I am extremely fortunate for the experience and I am sure I will look back on it as one of the fundamental cornerstones in my professional development.

Nicholas Phillips
Class of 2013
B.A. Computer Science
Quality Assurance Analyst at Buffalo Computer Graphics



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