My Internship at Automated Dynamics

I spent this semester researching and proposing a new telephone system for the company I work for. It’s amazing the little things that influence you to pick a solution for your company.

I went into this process already sold on a product. I wanted a Cisco phone system. I am Cisco certified, and I love the Cisco switched my company has. I was broadsided with a product that was a perfect fit for my company needs. This system I am proposing is the Avaya IP Office telephone system. It is simply, fit all of my management criteria and came from a vender my company has good relations with.

What I have learned at through my work is that keeping an open mind will allow you to see things you never would have considered. Who says you need to use computers, why not tablets? Maybe the Raspberry Pi is the perfect thin client platform for you. Why do we need an Exchange server?

If you are set in your ways, everyone else will evolve around you and you will wake up someday being obsolete.


-Jacob Liscom.

UAlbany Senior in Computer Science. 

Class of 2012.

Network Administrator for Automated Dynamics. 

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