UFSP 100/LLC: Article: Is Too Much Plus a Minus for Google?

Student: Sekayi Stowe
Class: Freshman Seminar
Article: Is Too Much Plus a Minus for Google?

Recently, I read on article on Steven Levy’s blog concerning the new concept which Google brought to the table, known as Search, plus Your World. I found it really intriguing

I believe that Search, plus Your World is a brilliant concept brought about by Google. With SPYW, your accounts made with Google products will be synched together, allowing for the simplification of browsing through the web at the convenience of the user his/herself. It would allow a user to business ventures on Gmail, and  communicate with friends and family on Google+ with just a single click of the mouse.

 I not only thought that SPYW was a venture implemented in order for the user to receive the full Google experience, but that it would also lure more users into using overshadowed products, such as Google+, an aspect of social media which not only competes with social media sites Facebook and Twitter, but video chatting services Oovoo and Skype, and Google Drive(previously known as Google Docs), which competes with Microsoft Office. The synchronization of these products also allow for one to execute functions, such as emailing your Google Drive document through Gmail, or looking for a Youtube video and sharing it on Google+. This saves the user a lot of time, whether it’d be copying and pasting URL’s, or having to log into your email in order to send documents.

Overall, it seems a good idea to make Google products not only assimilated, but socially attractive. I believe that this progression made by Google will be a great one for times to come.

Sekayi Stowe

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