UFSP 100/LLC: Is impatience truly a virtue? Should everything really be so fast?

 For as long as humanity has existed there has always been the need to speed up the process of just about everything we do. Things as simple as creating literature, which back in the day had to be done by hand and at a much more slower pace, seemed perfectly fine to everyone but as soon as we are given the option to increase the processing speed of something our impatience kicks in and machines are invented to satisfy this desire. Sure some of these things have actually helped and improved life, such as the book example I was just speaking of. Increasing the production speed of books then translates to more books which in turn translates to more people reading and then more people being educated, but not all of these improvements have helped society as much as this example.
 Many people may be thinking to themselves “Oh I’m not impatient i just prefer efficiency”, but in reality there are certain things that have been made that were never really needed. We live in a world full of excess which has only come about because of our lack of “patience”, now when i say patience I don’t mean impatient on a long line that leads to the check out, no i mean the sense of everything we have now is slower as soon as a newer and improved version comes out for a higher price. The mind set that if a new version of something comes out we must have it is more recent thing that developed during the 20th century with the coming of the industrial revolution and the then new idea of mass production. Once given the option of faster production the level of patience had by people was drastically dropped and quantity and more profit became the new goal of just about all companies. The development of fast food is a testament to this ideology, the ability to produce fast and easily accessible food was an amazing thought in the eyes of many people and especially families. Being able to now avoid the once everyday task of cooking triggered this impatient ideology in the mind of many people and even though it has been proven that this fast food in bulk is actually pretty bad people stick to this idea that since its easier to get that outweighs the actual problem it brings up. Now ask yourself, since we do live in this world were this impatient way of living that we have has been used against us, do you mind the fact that a lot of the things that we buy and eat are actually really bad for us or just not worth the price we pay?

Odalis Dominguez

Full Time Student – University At Albany SUNY – Class of 2016

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