LLC/UFSP 100: Microsoft Surface: Tablet, PC, or Both

The Microsoft Surface tablet is now out there in the market. Steven Levy talks about the design of this tablet and its smart engineering. The comparison he used was to the Japanese–when they were building the Lexus and wanted something similar to the Mercedes: where the door shuts and it makes a satisfying click sound, telling you that you’ve closed the door right. Microsoft implemented this idea to the Surface by adding a kickstand that clicks when you close it.


What seems to be popular about this new tablet is that it comes with Windows 8 so it can be used as a PC and a tablet. Microsoft sells smart covers that attach to the bottom edge of the device on a powerful magnet and dock connector and can be used as keyboards.


Overall, this tablet is another addition to the tablet market which is very competitive. I’d say that Microsoft did a good job on the Surface; its overall design, performance, display, and all specifications make it an amazing tablet that is highly competitive against others like apple or LG. More on the specs can be found at: .


Alberto Salcedo, class of 2016, and Computer Science intended major. 


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