From Justin Ponquinette: My Internship at SiriusXM NFL Radio

This summer has gone by extremely fast; SiriusXM Radio put me to work from day one, and even a slow day there was an active day at any of my previous employers. As a Sports Programming intern, where I spend my day depended on what job I was doing; and it split almost perfectly between my two majors. I spent most of my time in the newsroom, rolling audio from the Internet into a system called NexGen, an audio editing system that allowed from smooth transitioning of clips from the internet, a database, or even live television shows to the computer system installed at SiriusXM.


I learned so much from the newsroom; how to cut audio, what to look for in a good clip, how to eliminate background noise, and the list just goes on and on. I learned how to use an FTP client,  how to send information from databases in New York City directly to a connected database in Washington D.C., and how to retrieve information from a variety of sources. I also spent time in the studios, learning how to use the production board and ISDN lines in order to get a clear connection from a host in another city.


I learned that the corporate environment doesn’t always have to be stressful. It can be fun and relaxed, while being extremely productive at the same time.


Justin Ponquinette. UAlbany Senior in Information Science and Communications. Intern at SiriusXM NFL Radio.


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