My Internship at Automated Dynamics

This past summer I have been working as a Network Administrator for a small company in Schenectady. Automated Dynamics is a living breathing company. It is ever evolving and as such its IT department has to as well. My main job was and is to oversee critical system as well as assist users with any issues they have. The main project I have been working on is moving the data center across the building. This tested my people managing skills more so than technical.

Another large part of the summer was spent on development work. I have developed two apps. One is similar to the virtual commons system UAlbany has. The other automates filling out paperwork.

Overall my internship has taught me a lot. A corporate environment is more about people skills than about technical skills. You can???t tell a CEO his idea is stupid. You have to be able to sell your ideas and incites in a way that will make him feel like he is coming out on top.

Jacob Liscom. UAlbany Senior in Computer Science. Network Administrator for Automated Dynamics.


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