My Interernship at Integrated Technology Solutions

For the past six weeks I have been working for Integrated Technology Solutions, visiting different clients and sites with my employer. Integrated Technology Solutions is a business that does exactly what it says, this small business supplies and services software and hardware to any current or future client.

When I started the internship I was expecting to receive a call from a client, traveling to their site, fix it and that would be it. I quickly learned that it???s not that simple. Not only does ITS sell software and service equipment, they also give peace of mind. When something goes wrong most of these clients start to worry and blow things out of proportion, which you can’t blame them because their business and livelihood is reliant on the software or hardware working properly.

With everything being said I believe that the three most important things I learned from this internship is to 1) Be positive and have a sense of confidence about you, 2) Be ready to adapt and 3) be well educated with hardware and software. Some people may think lesson 3 may be the most important part of this job, but I would disagree, lessons 1 and 2 are the most valuable.

When people are having issues with their hardware or software, as I said before, they often make the smallest problems seem major, so you become the person they turn to when they are having an issue. You need to sit there listen to the issue at hand and then reassure them that you are going to take care of it ASAP. When you are attempting to fix a problem, you have to be ready for anything. You would think something like swapping out a piece of hardware would be simple but sometimes a port doesn’t want to release the hardware so you can’t install the new hardware without going through a bunch of steps. Sometimes the issue at hand is something you have never seen before and you don’t have an answer. Now you have to research the problem and attempt to fix it, while keeping confident that you can fix it, giving your client peace of mind.

Overall I really enjoyed and learned many different things from this internship and it???s something, if given the opportunity, I would want to participate in another internship with ITS.

Michael Corcione
Information Science, May 2013


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