TA for CSI 105

In the last two months of being a TA for CSI 105, I have had the experience of working with a good team of instructors, Professor Goodall, Professor Berg, and TA Norman Gervais.  We went over different topics of computer science and informatics with a class, in which most of the students were not Computer science or information science majors.   It is an introduction to computer science and information science, since every job uses them to one extent or another. 

In the class, we went over python programming of simple picture manipulations, Geographical information systems, financial market systems, social media, cryptographs and intellectual property.  At the end of the class, the students had to do a final project.  They could either choose to write a python program, create a webpage, or write a paper on social robotics.  In the last three weeks of the class, I was helping many students create their webpage’s or their python code. The students didn’t have strong background in this, it was rewarding to see them understand and be able to take care of most of their final assignment without help.  They learned a lot and most seemed to be very interested in creating their own WebPages.  Some of the students even went far above and beyond the requirements, finding code on the internet that they dropped into their WebPages.  I think the class has made them understand and appreciate computer science and what is means and what they can do with it.  I also enjoyed their enthusiasm with which they tackled the final project. 

I HIGHLY recommend being a Teaching Assistant to any prospective students.   

Geoffrey Kurtz

 BA Information Science, Spring 2012



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