My TA Experience with Dr. Demissie

INF100x is an introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web. The course provides information literacy in technology and online information resources. Using, finding, evaluating, and producing information on the Internet. Dr. Demissie was my professor in the IST 361, a webdesign class. He is a very friendly person and willing to help others. When the professor asked me if I am interesting being an TA for his INF100x, I was thinking it a good thing to put on my resume and learning a lot skills such as communication, speaking, MS-offices, and BLS grade center.
Initially, I don’t think it will be hard being an TA. I was thinking all I need to do was grading papers and answer few questions. However, towards the semester, I was completely wrong because you have so many responsibilities such as making quiz questions, making hundreds of copies, grading, setup TA meetings to discuss who’s grading what?, and more. During the semester, I offered office hours, but no one came because they can’t find the my place. Towards the semester, more people came to my office hours for help and preview for the exam. I was happy because I found myself useful instead staying at my office hours for couple hours. One thing that surprise me about his course is that the exam in online, which I kinda disagree with the professor in some ways because this might increase the chance of people getting together and cheat on the exam. The online exam will reduce a lot work time for grading for the TAs, however, I would rather grade them instead let the computer do all the work.
In the end semester, every  student have a great idea on their final project and the popular ideas is  the Internet addiction, and Mac vs. PC that I found interesting. I would like to say thank you to Dr.Demissie for  the opportunities of being an TA, and I still learn a lot skills from him.

Tony Chen
Graduation Year: 2012
Degree: Information Science

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