Revamping the STEP Website

    Working with STEP (Science and Technology Entry Program) I was charged with revamping the website.
And that’s exactly what I did. Having some extensive past experience in web development I immediately saw (from the client side) many issues that could be wrong with the website. In my expirence a lot of clients have ideas about how they want things structured but don’t have the method or direction about going about it. In the original website I saw that it remained static, content didn’t change and the website owners had no real power to change and update their information at their pleasure. This meant everything: news about step, pictures, applications were all outdated and from years past. To meet this problem I suggested the introduction of web 2.0 strategies to bring the original website out of the stone-age.

To meet this I proposed a 4 prong approach

The first was was incorporating a twitter:


Admittedly I’ve never used twitter in my life before. But I’ve seen other examples of web designers and websites using its powerful technologies to not only keep in touch with people but to also post snippets of what’s going on in their worlds. Besides signing STEP for it’s own twitter I integrated the feed onto the website’s homepage so users can be updated on the happenstances of STEP.

The second step was the use facebook:


Another powerful social networking tool, this strategy was brought about to combat the issue of pictures and albums. The STEP program frequently takes their members on these amazing field trips. I literally had flash drives and files of so many of those events but their old website didn’t facilitate the means to showcase them. FACEBook allowed for all that.

The third approach was Dropbox:


Every year the STEP program has different applications to give out it’s members. Dropbox allows the easy means to upload files into dropbox, delete old files, manage folders and images as well.

The 4th and final approach was design.


I appreciated the previous design scheme but it seemed out of date. STEP didn’t even have a proper logo. I quickly went ahead to change that. And I even took into consideration the fact that it was a program targeted at a young audience via the University at Albany. To that affect I changed the home page. created a new flash swf file with new pictures, added the social networking tools aforementioned and installed the twitter feed. You can see the new logo that I created right on two pages. Colour schemes remain in harmony and resonate “SUNY ALBANY”.

Lastly I handed a “how to” guide with all the usernames, passwords and some sites I recommend to use.


Admittedly twitter has a maximum number of characters to use, however this number decreases to only 83 when factoring in the fact that I have a set width and height for the twitter feed installed on the index/homepage. I suggested the use of TINY URL (to shorten the longer URL LINKS) and a java-script character count website to prevent any visual imperfections they may encounter. 

This was perhaps the most programs I used for one website and I can confidently say that it brings a fresh new life that would keep this website going on and on. The people I worked under Ms. Celia Rouse and Director Etwin Bowman were a delight to work with and I’m glad I took charge of this project.

Fernando Garcia
 Is a graduating senior pursing a degree in INFO Science and IT, He has a full time job working in IT for PwC based out of Stamford, CT and will be living in the  NYC. He loves tater-tots.







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