My Spring Internship Experience: Information Technology Programming Intern

This Spring semester, I worked with the New York State Education Department as an Information Technology Programming Intern. I started my internship in November 2011. Since then, the journey has been very fruitful for me in terms of the amount of knowledge I have gained. This internship has stimulated my hunger to learn more about efficient programming and developing real-world applications. I got an opportunity to attend various meetings and worked efficiently with a team so as to develop real-world applications. Also, I learned many new technologies with this internship, which, I successfully integrated into my graduate course – Software Engineering.  Prior to this internship, I was little scared to speak up within a team environment. But, with such a lively team experience from the internship, I am extremely confident about my future endeavors.  More importantly, this internship has provided me a path and a first step to explore the business world. I can say that with the help of this internship experience, I am confident to work for a career-level position after I graduate. I strongly believe that this internship has really played an important role in learning new technologies and  techniques which are required in a professional environment.

Vishvesh Deshmukh
Information Science, August 2012

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