My Internship at Price Chopper!

This spring semester I have been interning at the Price Chopper corporate offices in Schenectady, NY.  I worked with the marketing department in IT related tasks.  I learned how to use a program called MarketExpert, which I could create reports and do coupon redemptions for the company.  I also worked with Wildfire to oversee databases and create analytical reports for posts and contests.  This internship helped me to become comfortable with having a “real job.”  I was treated as a full time employee, and not just an intern.  I was given important daily tasks, and was sure that my input was counting for something.  Everyone was very patient and kind with me and my interest in IT/marketing has increased tremendously.  I worked closely with directors in all different departments, working on a vast array of projects.  I was invited into all staff meetings, and was even given the opportunity to discuss details of a database with a large retailer.  Every day when I came in I updated an excel chart that I put together to make it easier to see spending.  I think having an internship while in school is one of the best experiences a student can have.  It allows the student to learn how to do what they have studied in school in a work environment.


Leeann Nicolo,

Undergraduate Information Science.  

Expecting Bachelor degree-May 2012.


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