Assisting for IINF 201: Introduction to Web Technologies

This Spring I have tried myself out as a teacher’s assistant for the first time in my life. The opportunity came around after I have successfully completed “IINF 201: Introduction to Web Technologies” last fall semester – my instructor at the time have made an announcement about position being opened and I have decided to give it a try.

Since I was familiar with the subject due to both designing few websites of my own in the past and having completed this same course last semester, I felt rather confident about it. However, this experience has presented few entirely new challenges to me: other than attending classes, grading laboratory work of students, hosting  office hours and helping students with their challenges, I have also volunteered to teach couple of classes entirely on my own. Topics I have decided to cover were Adobe Dreamweaver and XML. Even though I have a thorough knowledge of both, teaching it in front of class full of students presents a challenge of psychological nature. I strongly believe that even though I was playing a teaching role throughout my assisting experience, I have also learned a valuable skill as well.

One thing that surprised me about this course is that there are no quizzes nor exams in the syllabus to check students learning progress, which I thought was not such a great idea – I believe that such things serve a good motivational purpose for students. Several times I have noticed that some of the student could not recall the material from as long ago as previous week. Witnessing that, I started to be rather skeptical about student’s overall progress.

However, at the end of semester I was in for a surprise – almost every single student has come up with a great idea for final project. On top of that, implementation of final projects was quite impressive – I could clearly see, that the class have applied a lot of knowledge that was given to them during the course of this class, including material that I had a chance to share with them, which left a very nice feeling.

I would also like to thank Ning Sa, instructor for this class – not only that I have learned a lot from her, but she is also a great person to work with.

Vasiliy Kovganov

Graduation Date: Summer 2012

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science 

Network Administrator at MWI



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