How to find an internship

First, finding an internship is like finding a job, not like selecting a course.  Consciencious search, networking and luck are significant factors.

(1) Enroll with UA Career Development Services.

(2) Watch the super-i listserv for internships and all other career activities.  

(3) Select IT companies, investigate their web sites a few each day.  Find out about a company’s business before contacting it.

(4) Attend techconnex fiesta’s and other events.

(5) Keep your eyes open for announcements from research groups or other units around UA.

(6) Job listings in newspapers.

(7) Job web sites.

(8) Attend local job fairs.

(9) The Undergrad. Studies Office manages University-wide internships, for credit with a UNI course number.  

(10) Check UA CareerPath and other Career Services resources:… & <a href="</p>


And don’t forget to review how to get credit for an undergraduate internship:…


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