My intern experience as a Teacher’s Assistant for INF 202


In Fall of 2011, I had my first experience with Professor Dima Kassab in INF 202, Introduction to Data & Databases. I had a general idea of working with databases before entering this course, but with the help of Dima I was able to grasp the concepts of database on a more profound level. Because of my Interest in exploring more with databases, I wanted to become a teacher???s assistant for the course.

This Spring semester I held the position as a teacher???s assistant for the course. As a teacher???s assistant I became more knowledgeable on databases as well as experienced a bit of what it is like to be on the other side of things from a teachers standpoint. As a TA I got the opportunity to grade assignments, work with students and I was able to conduct a class. Being a TA is a great experience that I would love to have the opportunity of doing again.

Wanetta Rodney

Resident Assistant/ Eye wear consultant at LenCrafters

Information Science major & Art minor, May 2013

Wanetta Rodney

Resident Assistant

Department of Residential Life

Teachers Assistant

Department of Computing & Information

University at Albany


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