My TA Experience (INF 201)

In one full year, my junior year here at the University at Albany I not only take INF 201 but I was lucky enough to TA it also.  As a graphic designer there really aren’t much options at this school.  I was excited to work with others who had similar interests as me.

As a TA of INF 201, Intro to Web Technologies I graded labs, took attendance, and more importantly taught multiple lessons.  I taught the class a lesson on basic web design including a brief introduction to graphic design using Adobe Photoshop.  In the second lesson I taught the class how to use the JQuery libraries.  In fact, there was even a lab on my JQuery lesson.  I have found that many students are actually using what they had learned for my lesson on their final project which is extremely gratifying to me.

Like previously stated, I believe that there is not nearly enough classes offered in the field of graphic design at this university.  Therefore I try to help students outside of class if they have a higher interest to learn more about the field.  One of the students approached me and asked if he could come in once a week to my job a shadow me, not for money or credits, just to learn.  I immediately agreed due to the fact that I know exactly where he is coming from.

All in all my experience as a TA was awesome and I would suggest it to anybody.  It gave me a chance to continue to brush up on my skills, improve as a public speaker and become more responsible.  I would like to thank my professor Ran Weijia and Jennifer Goodall for all their help this semester!

Adam Lowenthal

Graduation Date: May 2013

Information Science

IT Coordinator at the Office of Student Success/CEO at CompuTech Solutions


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